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It’s a song that has been penned by Shoaib Mansoor and performed by the Islamabad-based Xpolymer Dar and as expected, it has the impact of a high-voltage current. The official video for ‘Power Di Game’ released earlier today and it casts Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid in a metaphorical game of chess; it’s power play at its very intense best. The video is rugged and rough but one can’t help but notice that the two stars look terrific and deliver the best expressions without smiling for even a second.

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Verna will be a game changer for Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid. Firstly, this Shoaib Mansoor film will determine Mahira’s true mettle as an actor. She has of course done several films including Bin Roye, Ho Mann Jahan and Raees, her career-defining Bollywood debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan, but a Shoaib Mansoor film is a breed apart. He is famous for making films that are hard hitting and performance-based and can’t be camouflaged by exotic sets, costumes, humour, song and dance. They are brilliant despite not being formulaic. And they create great actors. Khuda Kay Liye gave us Fawad Khan and Bol gave us Humaima Malik.

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As Haroon Shahid’s acting debut, Verna will be a maker or breaker for the singer. And while one was slightly skeptical of his skills as seen in the trailer, this music video does project him in a better light. He looks good and he does manage the right expressions. We are suddenly hopeful for him.

But it’s Verna we’re most excited about and we’ll keep bringing you updates as the countdown continues…