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While selfies on social media tell us that a healthy number of celebs have come out to vote, there are a few who won’t be able to exercise their right, this time around due to the HUM Awards, which are taking place in Toronto on July 27. One such name is Mahira Khan – and clearly, she doesn’t seem happy!

Taking to Instagram, Mahira lamented that ‘as much as she wishes’ to be in Pakistan, her work commitment was ‘decided months in advance’.

“There was absolutely no way to delay my work commitment which was scheduled months in advance, I tried my best,” Mahira wrote. “I urge all of you to get out and vote!! May this year bring the change we all have been waiting to see.”

Mahira is one of the many celebrities who are currently out of Pakistan, due to the award show – which already has faced major backlash due to its dates clashing with the general elections.

Although the actress hasn’t been able to vote, we do feel the hashtag on her post says it all about who she wanted to vote for!