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Raqeeb Se is the current hot topic in the drama fraternity with not only fans but stars also following the project and loving how the story is unfolding with Bee Gul’s fine writing and Kashif Nisar’s impeccable direction. The most recent one to praise the drama was Mahira Khan who took to Twitter to appreciate the work of fiction.

After episode 22 was aired past week, Mahira wrote: “Everytime I see a clip, a scene, even a just a still of Raqeeb Se.. I feel something tug at my heart. It calls out to your soul. Take a bow Kashif Nisar, Bee Gul.. and the tremendous cast and crew of this serial. Pure gold.”



Raqeeb Se


Hadiqa Kiani, who has won our hearts with her role of Sakina in Raqeeb Se, appreciated Mahira’s praise and replied.

“The way Kashif Nisar and his team were able to capture the soul of Bee Gul’s work, it was just magical. Thank you for your support Mahira, it means a lot to all of us,” she wrote.