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Female actors have a false reputation of bringing each other down, however, it’s great to see our Pakistani stars set an example by sticking together and taking a stand for each other on various occasions. Mahira Khan recently completed 10 years in the acting business and Ayeza Khan penned a heartfelt Instagram post congratulating her favorite actor and acknowledging her contributions.

Ayeza, who is one of the leading female actors we have in the country, is a fan of the Zaalima, it seems.

“Can’t believe it’s been ten years for you, Mahira, and you’re still on top,” wrote the Chupke Chupke star. “That’s because you have entertained us on such a high level with your art, project after project. From your great films to your blockbuster dramas, you have made us all proud, representing us internationally and we are quite fortunate to have you.”



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A post shared by Ayeza Khan (@ayezakhan.ak)


The Meray Paas Tum Ho actor went on to call Mahira ‘a living legend’ and shared that she will be projecting one of her characters in her upcoming project.

“For this reason, I wanted to pay my respect to you, in my upcoming project, portraying also you amongst some of the greatest legends. To me, you are not only a friend but an idol, a living legend, who I have looked up to from the day we first met.”



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A post shared by Ayeza Khan (@ayezakhan.ak)


Thanking Mahira for her contributions, she wished her luck and concluded by calling her ‘Our Heroine’.

Humbled by the love, Mahira was quick to respond to the heartfelt post.

“Oh, my love… you have made me teary-eyed. And this, your post, it doesn’t say as much about me as it does about YOU. So much love.. I’m humbled.”



Following the beautiful exchange, other female stars also applauded Ayeza Khan and Mahira Khan for reversing the stereotype that women, especially female stars, don’t support each other. More power to these women!