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The trailer launch of Meenu & Farjad’s much awaited film 7 Din Mohabbat In took place at Nueplex this Monday and while it wasn’t quite the star-studded event that we expected, several painted faces and pencil-thin heels did make indelible impressions.

The star cast, present at the launch, was in great spirits and were tireless despite being constantly clicked by the cameras.  Mahira Khan – the lady of the moment- looked svelte in her ribbed jeans and white tee paired with black Louboutins that made a statement. Shehryar Munawar aka ‘Sherry’ looked suave despite his (drab) biscuit-colored suit and brown moccasins. We spotted Urwa Hocane supporting Mahira on the red carpet, Momal Sheikh turned up to support daddy Jawed Sheikh and of course, Amna Ilyas who is also on the cast of the film, looked fashionable as ever.


‘Tipu’ looked suave despite the ill coloured suit


The trailer was aired after 9:00 pm – twice, because airing it once just wasn’t enough for the audience that had been waiting almost two hours for it. As expected, the trailer had a feel-good vibe and the kind of light-hearted banter that we all need in our lives. The concept wasn’t original and did seem inspired by a number of movies one can recall but no one minds that, I guess, as long as our cinema breaks away from preachy and monotonous themes that have been done to death. Movies, like 7DMI, are a much-needed breather that we all can enjoy.

After the launch of the trailer, the star cast of 7DMI had a short question-answer session where they briefly shared their experience of working on the film in July’s sweltering heat.


‘Neeli’ had her style game on, as always


“It was last year in July when we began shooting for the film and I put all my blood and sweat into it because, unlike some people, it doesn’t come naturally to me” said Sherry candidly, while pointing at his co-star Mahira.

When asked how Mahira had agreed to a comic role given the seriousness of her past movies, she said, “I always wanted to do comedy and was thrilled with Neeli’s role the minute it was narrated to me over a round of hunter beef sandwiches and tea. I didn’t need any convincing!”

Lastly – moving onto the self-proclaimed good-looking djinn played by none other than Jawed Sheikh, who was tight-lipped for the most part but happily revealed how he moves through 12 different get-ups in the movie. Now that’s something!


Amna Ilyas plays Ghazala, a hard core feminist in the film


The launch, given it was the beginning of a new week, was unfortunately a tardy affair. With invites mentioning the time as 6:30pm, the event took its own sweet time to commence and only got underway after 8:00pm. It could have been managed better had it commenced on time. Timings aside – it was a Monday evening with people coming in straight from work and leaving late at 10:00 pm did seem a tad unfair. Host of the evening, Wes Malik tried but couldn’t salvage the situation with his animated talk.

All in all, the trailer seemed fun which made the wait somewhat worth it. We are now excited about 7DMI’srelease on Eid ul Fitr.