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The moment, which we have all been waiting for, has come. Wait. Have we got you wondering?

Let’s begin with the basics.

Mahira Khan made her much-awaited debut at the 71st Cannes Film Festival and is ready to make all heads turn as she walks the red carpet today (Monday). While Pakistan is overwhelmed with sheer elation of Mahira being the first Pakistani female to attend Cannes, some can’t help but gripe about it.

And who other than actor Shaan Shahid could be the voice of contradiction?

Well, it’s not the first time Shaan has been vocal about his criticisms but what’s a bit irksome is that he doesn’t miss a single chance to dampen the spirit every time Pakistan has something worth celebrating.

This is what the actor had to say about Mahira going to Cannes:


To this, actor/director Adnan Malik followed suit and couldn’t resist but share his stance…



While Adnan had a point, a comment followed by Shaan kind of missed the point.

Shaan’s comment created a stir on social media which compelled him to explain further as to what he meant, which just makes us wonder why he couldn’t have just said this earlier?




We feel it’s high time that our industry supported each other instead of being overtly critical, that too at a time when the nation is feeling some kind of pride and joy.