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Dozens of backstage helpers scurried around like determined factory workers aiming to get the job done; costumes stood lined up in front of the steam press, moving from crumpled nothingness to robes that would adorn the LSA stage the next day. And the stars…it was starry indeed. Those highest in constellation – Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Mahira Khan, Mawra Hocane, Maya Ali and Nabila had their own rooms, each one protected by a couple of no-nonsense bouncers. The models sat pretty in front of illuminated mirrors, glossing up for the recording. Nooray brought a cake in to celebrate Fahad Hussayn’s birthday; everyone overdosed on chocolate fudge. “There should be a quick lipo booth in this room!” exclaimed the ever-humorous Kamiar Rokni. Sanam Saeed walked around with a plate of biriyani in her hands. Rounds of Magnum were being passed around like champagne would anywhere else in the world. The bubbly was replaced by sugar but the energy spike was very real.

This was the Lux Style Awards 2017 rehearsal last night and it had amazing energy. The vibe was superb; even past midnight, when most people had had a full day’s work ahead of the rehearsals, no one complained or acted up. Even Atif Aslam was a star trouper at 1am.

It was grand, spectacular and while so much of the Lux Style Awards rehearsal night was off coverage limits, I did get a sneak at the plush, redder than ever red carpet that looked like a befitting road to LSA, literally #roadtolsa17.


LSA Rehearsals

Post midnight: Zoe Viccaji, who’s performing in the fashion presentation, Atif Aslam, who’s hosting the LSAs and Mahira Khan, who’s in a surprise segment that you’ll have to wait and watch.


LSA rehearsals

The beautiful Maya Ali will be performing with Ali Zafar – you must have seen the videos on Instagram.


LSA rehearsals

Yasir Hussain looks over Bilal Ashraf, Mikail Zulfiqar and a masked, caped superhero who refused to reveal his identity.


I had a chat with Bilal Ashraf, who confirmed that Yalghaar was releasing on Eid ul Fitr and it would blow everyone away. From what he shared, it sure does look like the film has all the elements of a block buster. The teaser will be out in a few days, he shared. I also bumped into Ali Zafar, who was in total Teefa mode. We’re all looking forward to that one!


People were exhausted but Mooroo, not used to sitting around and waiting, was bored and so sat and vaped for 3 hours.


I sat and chatted with Mawra Hocane, who appeared just as fresh post-midnight as she would in the morning. She missed having her sister Urwa around, she glumly shared. We spoke about Sammi and about her LLB classes and how everyone asked her why she had bothered to go back to school. “I’m so worried about getting through exams,” she exclaimed, “and I wish everyone would stop telling me ‘oh, of course you’ll pass!’ It doesn’t feel like that at times!”

It was all pretty manic but strangely, there was a method to the madness. Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, ring master of the day, was at the heart of all activity and he does have an endless supply of energy. At around 12:30 he politely asked people to leave the main show area and it reminded me of 2001, when he would choreograph fashion shows and throw people out of rehearsals. This was a much bigger show but amazingly, one saw a much calmer Sheru.

And then finally, as I was walking out to my car to leave, I bumped into the biggest superstar of them all. Gorgeous, and all dressed up for the recording, she was a vision and quite the ethos of what star power is all about. Can you guess who she was?