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The Lux Style Awards are a week away and naturally, the air is buzzing with information: some true, some false and some wishful thinking. However, fret not! We have donned our investigative caps and spoke to several people across the board for a credible lowdown on the upcoming media frenzy!

In its 17th year, the Lux Style Awards are all set to take place on 20th February in Lahore and will most probably be a ‘somber’ event, given the situation in the country. They aim to be inspirational, which we fully approve.

So, what exactly will happen this time around? Here are the details…


Sahir Ali Bagga will present a special musical segment!


Music plays a huge role in the Lux Style Awards and this year we’ll be seeing Sahir Ali Bagga take charge of an inspirational segment, a qawwali to be exact. After giving major successes last year, as well as a well-received Coke Studio performance, Sahir has composed an original piece for the Lux Style Awards.

“I have prepared a qawwali for the Lux Style Awards and will be performing live,” he spoke to Something Haute. “I’ve used and will be bringing back instruments like the Dudak, Baghlama and the Grand Daf, which have been lost to technology and have mixed these in a Punjabi/Urdu qawwali style. I have also taken some verses from Baba Bulleh Shah and will be performing it along with a qawwal team. I’ve composed pure Pakistani, rather upgraded Pakistani music.”

Sahir has also been nominated for two awards at the LSAs this year and we hope this debut performance at the awards show turns out to be just as strong!


Two Lifetime Achievement Awards


This year, the LSAs will be bestowing the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award to two big names of the Pakistani media industry. While Frieha Altaf will receive the award for her contributions to the fashion industry, Naheed Siddiqui will be given the title for her contribution to culture.


A segment by the ‘Lux Girls’


Any Lux event cannot be complete without the mention of the Lux Girls, and naturally, LSA 2018 would be incomplete if Maya Ali, Mawra Hocane, and Mahira Khan weren’t a part of it. According to sources, the three may be doing something special for the show this year.


Vasay Chaudhary and Ahmed Ali Butt will be writing segments of the script


Lending some comic relief to the evening, Vasay Chaudhary – who has previously written segment for various Hum Awards and ARY awards as well as the LSAs (remember the extremely funny segment with Fawad Khan and Ahmad Ali Butt two years ago) – will be lending his funny bone to the script this year as well. Vasay and Ahmed took on the fashion industry in their quirky skit in 2016 and we expect this year to be no different.

“It’s going to be difficult to bring humour to an otherwise somber event, as we need to keep sensitivities in mind,” Vasay told us when we asked. “To be honest, even I don’t know what I’m doing this year.”


There will be no one central host this year!


While the buzz around LSAs this year suggested that Fahad Mustafa would be hosting the awards show, sources revealed that there will be no individual host this time around but segment hosts instead. Ahmed Ali Butt is one of the hosts so expect some tongue in cheek commentary!


A star-studded chartered flight!


This year, despite keeping the event slightly low on celebration, the award show will be taking all the celebrities on a single chartered flight from Karachi to Lahore! Those who were aboard the chartered flight to Malaysia for the Lux Style Awards in 2007 will understand how entertaining this flight promises to be. Boasting a whopping 150 people/passengers from the industry – including musicians who will be expected to serenade everyone – it may actually be more entertaining than the event itself.

Watch this space for more updates…