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What happens when around a hundred media personalities including musicians, actors, models, journalists and designers get onboard a chartered flight to Lahore? One thing is for sure; it’s definitely not the kind of flight you can take a nap on!



The energy was buzzing this morning, as we boarded the Shaheen Air International flight to Lahore, for the Lux Style Awards. Apparently 14 passengers missed the flight (including the most anticipated passenger – Ahad Raza Mir) but we had some notable names like Sounds of Kolachi, Abid Brohi, Deepak Perwani, Amir Adnan and Sadaf Kanwal; all of whom are nominated for the Lux Style Awards in various categories.



Ehsan Sehbai, CEO Shaheen Air International


Also flying with us was Ehsan Sehbai, the young and well inked CEO of Shaheen Airlines, who turned out to be the centre of attraction because hey, we’re the fashion industry and we love young successful men who have a sense of style. It was a photo-op for everyone and thanks to the CEO, the hospitality and the inflight service was as top notch as it could get! From a short and sweet live performance by Abid Brohi and Sounds of Kolachi, to quick games with the models and actors on-board, the entertainment level was unmatchable. That, plus cheeky comments from Deepak Perwani and Faizan Haqee were enough to keep the mood light and fun. “We’re going from the City of Lights to the City of cheetah tights,” was one of the many wise-cracks passed around.



We’d like to give a special shout-out to the great meal that we were served, that went way beyond the tasteless biryani one is used to. As Ehsan told us, Shaheen Airlines is actually planning to introduce a much better meal plan on their flights, and if it’s going to be anything close to what we had, we’ll be happy passengers for sure.