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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the dynamic of socialization all over the world. Cinemas have closed, no large gatherings are allowed and the whole entertainment industry has swiftly shifted to digital avenues. The word ‘virtual’ has become a part of our daily routine as virtual concerts, fashion shows, interviews and film promotions have become quite a norm during the lockdown. The latest event to follow the ‘new normal’ is the 19th annual Lux Style Awards, which aired a digital show recently to honour the LSA winners of 2020.

Amid strict restrictions and SOPs, the LSA 2020 were recorded in Karachi and Lahore – in various segments – and then aired to celebrate excellence in the arenas of fashion, films, music and television. The event included a red carpet, appearances from some of the winners, videos recordings from others and a combination of bits and pieces combined to make an entertaining albeit by no means grand situation.

It was a Herculean task to pull off a virtual award show in Pakistan and the LSAs made history by delivering it successfully. We’ll remember it as a high point in an otherwise low time.

Here are 10 highlights from the ceremony…


1. The opening song on ‘Hope’

Featuring child prodigy Syeda Hadia Hashmi along with Hadiqa Kiani, Abu Fareed & Abu Ayaz qawwals and Ali Tariq, the opening act was a song about hope titled ‘Tu Hai Mera’. It was elegantly performed by dancer Faith. The song talked about hopes of better times and it was a beautiful visual experience. That said, one felt it was a tad bit too somber and could have been slightly more uplifting.


Hadia Hashmi



Hadiqa Kiani


Faith – Performer


2. Glamour quotient


Model Mushk Kaleem hosted the red carpet with aplomb, and with all SOPs in place. Dressed in Zaheer Abbas and Sopia Bognem, Mushk looked every bit the supermodel she is (even if her black leather was more Adams Family and less Awards show) and so did all the celebrities who walked the red carpet. Okay, not everyone looked grear but we’ll have to give it to them for individuality as some stars went all the way with red carpet glamour, and others opted for more casual looks apropos to the occasion. We spotted skirts, saris, dresses, pant suits, tuxedos, solid as well as funky colours and patterns.

Here are some of the winning looks…


Mushk Kaleem


Zahid Ahmed


Sohai Ali Abro


Ayesha Omar



Natasha Baig


3. Amazing hosts


Ahmed Ali Butt and Mehwish Hayat have worked together in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and they were also amongst the hosts of LSA last year. The two share a fun camaraderie on and off screen and as expected, they successfully entertained digital audiences and created some fun moments this year. Ahmed and Mehwish cracked a few jokes on trending topics such as Ertugrul, Meray Paas Tum Ho, and celebrity weddings in 2020.


Ahmed Ali Butt, in a sharp new avatar



Mehwish Hayat, who’s also the current Lux girl


4. An award for late Zara Abid


Model Zara Abid left us last year in the terrible PIA plane crash that shook the whole country in May. She was awarded ‘Model of the Year – Female’ posthumously and one has to appreciate the strength and composure her mother and brother maintained when they came to receive the award. While talking to Mushk, Zara’s mother shared that the model was always very keen to get an LSA. We hope she saw it and smiled from above!



Late Zara Abid’s mother & brother


5. Arslan Naseer’s hilarious take on film nominees


Arslan Naseer of Comics by Arslan fame has been entertaining us throughout the year with his comical takes on hit serials like Meray Paas Tum Ho and Yeh Dil Mera. His opinions and spoofs are generally unfiltered and hilarious. In characteristic form, Arslan presented the LSA film nominations in his signature style, reinforcing the fact that comedy and humour is what keeps awards shows alive.


Arslan Naseer


6. Homely vibe


A few artists brought along their families to celebrate their big win, which looked very heart warming. Imran Ashraf, Hasnain Lehri, Yumna Zaidi and Rashid Farooqui all came entourage and we loved seeing the expressions of pride, joy and jubilation. At a time when awards are only catering to digital audiences, it was heartwarming to see smiling faces rejoicing with these talented performers.



Imran Ashraf with his mother and wife



Yumna Zaidi with her mother


Rashid Farooqui with family


Hasnain Lehri with family


7. Young talent


It was heartening to see child stars like Hadia Hashmi and Shees Gul talking confidently about their achievements. The two took home Lux awards after their first mainstream performances.



Shees Gul


Hadia Hashmi


8. In memoriam


The 19th Lux Style Awards also remembered all those we lost in 2020, from singer Shehnaz Begum, to actors Zaheen Tahira, Abid Ali, Safiya Khairi, Athar Shah Khan aka Jedi, Sabiha Khanam, Firdous, and from TV anchor Surraiya Shahab, Tariq Aziz, model Zara Abid to director Iqbal Kashmiri.

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9. Special awards


Other than honoring winners in 28 categories, Two Lifetime Achievement Awards were announced, as always. Revered compere, writer and host par-excellence, Anwar Maqsood was awarded the Unilever Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion was given to photo journalist and photographer, Tapu Javeri. Both very well deserving!


Tapu Javeri


10. Performance on Lux Song


The star-studded event concluded on a high note with Mehwish Hayat’s mesmerizing performance on the jazzy Lux song, sung by Jimmy Khan.



Mehwish Hayat


Jimmy Khan


Lux Style Awards 2020 also aired on Geo Entertainment on 2nd January, 2021. You can watch the show here: