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News of the Day: How fabulous does Meesha Shafi sound and look in her latest song! ‘Yaar Mere‘ released this weekend as the fourth track of Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 and it plays with the strengths of Pakistan’s rock star; Meesha has the ability to hit high notes flawlessly and she rides high with her strong command over the Punjabi language. We digress, but we would love to hear her on the OST of Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jutt! But back to ‘Yaar Mere,‘ the song has been written by Shakeel Sohail. It’s important to give credit where it’s due and nowadays it’s the writers who aren’t given much attention despite being the backbone of any project they lend their expertise to.

Moving over to Meesha’s presence in the song, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she sounds and looks equally flawless. Ehtesham Ansari has styled her perfectly. She has four very distinct looks in the video and each holds a mirror to her personal style, which is very unique. Meesha is not a conformist and she usually has a very edgy sense of style, which is tapped into quite impressively. Every frame captures her as the rock star that she really is.


Meesha Shaffi

Meesha’s first look in ‘Yaar Mere’


The video has been shot beautifully by Asad ul Haq. It’s colour graded well and the camera movements keep it from looking too slow or boring. We also like the juxtaposition of Meesha’s life and her estranged lover’s. Truth is, you don’t really notice anything except for Meesha, whether you’re admiring her style or her vocals. It’s safe to say that this is the one Pakistani female vocalist that has made it to the very top since Hadiqa Kiani.

But most of all, the song is catchy and will definitely stick around if you hear it once. Check it out below if you haven’t heard it yet!