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That’s right!

The news that has made us excited is that popular model-turned-actor Imran Abbas will soon be venturing into a British series titled The Trojan Horse. The heartthrob will be joining an international star cast, including some bigwigs from Hollywood, in London later this year.

The project goes on floor in October 2018. Some exotic locales, including Europe, Turkey, and the UK, have been chosen as the desired spots for extensive shooting. More information will be made available during the press meet in London slated for July 2018.

Speaking about this project, Imran said, “I will be playing the role of a Syrian-Turkish spy. I am thrilled to be a part of this series as I am playing the protagonist which is a huge achievement for me.” He also revealed that he’ll be working alongside Hollywood stars. “The show features a few mainstream Hollywood celebrities that I would be working with in the lead role. I consider this a big step in my career and I hope that I make everyone and myself proud of this show.”

We sincerely hope so. Looking forward to it!