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Social media sensation and singer Momina Mustehsan had announced her online break on June 26 with a picture of herself with a caption stating “We’re temporarily closed”. Fans might have missed her, but the Afreen Afreen singer realised that life is beautiful offline.

Taking to Instagram, she announced that she’s back. “Hello, it’s me,” she shared adding that her Instagram break went on longer than anticipated. “Living offline is beautiful.”



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She expressed that being exposed to so much content, information and stimulus can be overwhelming. “It can almost make you believe it’s a big bad world out there. But that’s not true. We all know the downside to social media, but the upside is that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and to tell their stories firsthand.”

Momina rightly told her followers that while everyone knows the evils of social media, it can be a blessing at times, too.

“The concept of the ‘other’ is shrinking. We are all the same, and not the same. Life is a big puzzle and we all hold different pieces to the larger picture. We all have little solutions to the bigger problem. We just need to be human together,” she concluded.