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There’s something about white bed linen that makes you feel like you’re resting on a puffy, floaty cloud. I converted from colour to white when I realized that crisp white bed sheets were one reason why people slept so well in hotel beds (add the word luxury hotels to that). Good hotel rooms have the luxury of silence (no fans), consistent room temperature (no breakdowns or fluctuation), high quality and heavy bed linen (those duvets and quilts weigh you down like a baby) and the one universal element: white bed sheets. Having traveled all my life, I can say that I would not even think of staying at a hotel that didn’t offer white bed sheets, duvets and fluffy white towels.

To be honest, finding white bed linen in Karachi was initially a problem. I compromised on buying the lightest, most uncomplicated prints that I could find and I searched high and low at every brand that stocked bed sheets. While most brands did stock whites and other solid colours, the quality (not so good) did not justify the high price tags. And the prints on display were so dark and so overwhelming; they were simply atrocious in their putrid concoctions of maroons and lime greens and oranges and browns. They seemed to be designed by people who wanted to shock people out of sleep, instead of lulling them into it. How any one can sleep on a busy print is just beyond my comprehension.


I have this gorgeous, super soft duvet…


But this is mine, with my kitten, who finds a space to hide every morning.



Luckily, I was introduced to The Linen Company flagship store on my last visit to Lahore and it solved all my linen woes. The Linen Company, to the uninitiated, stocks the highest quality bed linen you’ll find, in colours that start with white and go up to pastels and cool mints and corals. There isn’t a single jarring shade or print on display and that just enhances the entire experience of shopping for bed linen. The range – which I was told is exported to top home accessory brands around the world – was absolutely lust-worthy and I ended up buying a year’s stock. The products were not cheap but they were justified for the quality they came with; it was good value for money. I did make a beeline for the 350 thread count white sheets for myself (TLC also stocks a 750 thread count but I feel one would slip off those sheets) and have been enjoying them ever since. I would highly recommend you check TLC out as well.

A spritz of lavender and eucalyptus pillow mist in a cool room and you’re guaranteed to fall into sweet slumber heaven