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Now here’s a super exciting prospect: Imagine Fawad Khan and Zohaib Hassan performing together! Now imagine Reema is a part of it too. Add Wasim Akram and Shahi Hassan to the group and voila! If the thought of all these celebs getting together doesn’t intrigue you and make you want to scream with excitement we don’t know what will.

Here’s how it started: While listening to some old school ‘80s music, Fawad Khan took to Facebook to express his desire to meet Zohaib Hassan. His Facebook post received a response from the man himself, making us believe that this wasn’t just wishful thinking and that this was actually happening.

“Hi Fawad! It’s never too late for a plan! Let’s catch up tonight!” Zohaib said in response to Fawad’s post.


Fawad Khan and Zohaib Hassan


Fawad and Zohaib’s exchange took us right back in time, to the days of Chehra, Dosti and Waqt. Not just that, the image of Fawad holding an ice cold vintage Pepsi can reminds us of all the iconic Pepsi ads that have left a mark on several generations.



Spotted: Reema and Fawad together!


Just as we were wondering what was cooking, queen of Pakistani cinema Reema Khan shared her picture along with Fawad, Zohaib, Wasim Akram, Shahi Hassan, and Bilal Ali – the lead vocalist of Kashmir. Let that thought sink in for a minute. You have got Reema with Fawad, who is collaborating with Zohaib, who has got Wasim, Shahi and Bilal on his team!

We are pretty certain that something spectacular is about to hit the airwaves. And with Pepsi’s biggest stars through time associated with it, we can only wish it comes out sooner than later. The only question that remains now is that how are we supposed to pass time till this super interesting project is released?!