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After 27 impactful episodes, TV serial Baaghi is all set to come to an end tomorrow amidst a great response for the show by fans of Saba Qamar. Influenced by the story of Qandeel Baloch, the show explores the story of the social media sensation in its own way.

The past episodes have been an emotional ride as we follow Kanwal’s journey of hardships and the struggles she faced to become famous and make a name for herself in a harsh world which does anything but support her.

Now, with the last episode all set to air tomorrow, here’s what we’re expecting from the last episode, out tomorrow…

Mixed bag of emotions

Kanwal’s life has been documented well, showing the different stages of her life and her growth. As the teaser for the upcoming episode shows, Kanwal approaches the last stage of her life and it will be nothing but tragic to view. Reminding us of the life and tribulations of Qandeel Baloch, the show will surely be a melancholic ode to the slain diva.



After going through an abusive marriage, it seemed that Kanwal was finally close to her happy ending as she decided to marry Sheheryar. But it is evident that things are about to go as South as they possibly could. Seeing Sheheryar trying to reach out to Kanwal in the episode promo was emotional on its own, and the full episode will surely be more.


Saba Qamar’s acting

Saba Qamar has aptly portrayed the many layers of Kanwal’s life and character. From the depiction of Qandeel for her videos to the private moments where the young girl is shown at the peak of her emotions and breaking down; the character has been translated well on-screen.

It’s important to note at this point that Baaghi has played an interesting role in giving an insightful depiction of Qandeel’s life, following her real story as closely as possible. The show has also played a huge part in changing the views of the public, who openly opposed Qandeel during her life.

We saw Qandeel struggle and then become the breadwinner of her family, providing them with all the support that she could, making one see the other side of her life which everyone was quick to judge.

The final episode airs tomorrow, on Urdu1.