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After revealing the details about its lead cast, the team behind upcoming crime-thriller Laal Kabootar, have now released its first official teaser.

Directed by Kamal Khan and starring Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Ali Kazmi in lead roles, the teaser explores the dark underbelly of Karachi, where the two are shown in a montage of action-packed moments and perils. It also introduces us to a world brimming with danger and criminal liaisons at every corner, amidst which, the two find their paths crossing – along with a number of other hurdles.

Previously Mansha had revealed to Something Haute that her character focuses on personal turmoil, which then leads the story forward.

“My role is extremely challenging. She’s the female protagonist in the film, and something happens to her which she has to overcome with a lot of personal turmoil,” she said. “The film is largely about what she does; it’s an intense role, which was truly quite challenging to perform.”

The actress also had revealed that the audience will find Laal Kabootar stylised in a similar way to Netflix’s Sacred Games.

“My role is obviously different because the way the film has been done is unlike anything that I have seen before,” Mansha said. “It’s a lot like Sacred Games, so I think my fans will like it. It’s a Karachi-based story and shows the interaction of the city with the characters in the film. All of that makes it unique.”

The film is slated for a 2019 release.