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While millions of people globally tuned into the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night to a rather toned-down event, a number did the opposite and used the internet for what it’s most famous for. If you still don’t catch the drift, let’s just say the Oscars were used as pornography inspiration and Kumail Nanjiani was one of the top ten reasons!

According to the pornographic website, Pornhub, the Oscars have gravely affected the keyword searches on such websites and names like Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, and Kumail Nanjiani have bizarrely been the most searched. Okay, so it’s not so bizarre to expect Jennifer Lawrence to be porn-searched but Nanjiani…we would never have guessed!


While the first two celebrities have been on the mentioned list for a while, Kumail’s inclusion has triggered both racist and general questions about The Big Sick actor as his search numbers have risen by 94%.

People have started thinking about two possibilities; either Kumail Nanjiani is emerging as America’s latest obsession, or the second possibility is these spikes are because someone uploaded The Big Sick onto Pornhub a few months ago!


Kumail also posted a hilarious tweet about it earlier that went viral.

Apart from these names, keyword searches like ‘Oscars’ rose up by 1229%, whereas people also searched The Shape of Water and Ladybird on the site, which by the way is blocked in Pakistan so we have no way of verifying these facts. We thought it was fun trivia to share anyway. VPN, anyone?