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The ride-hailing app has been on the tip of tongues and on the top of everyone’s news feeds lately thanks to their unique, creative and clutter-breaking communication. From witty mysterious unbranded billboards sporting lines such as “Long distance sambhalna mushkil?” to them deploying drones that dropped off notes that said “Koi baat nahi” along with “stay tuned” to their most loyal customers. The latest ad by the brand has caused even more talkability and touched the hearts of many who struggle every day to make it to their destinations.

The recently released DVC (digital ad) beautifully brings their message across. The ad comes across as hopeful and inspiring – showing the resilience and strength us Pakistanis have while facing the daily challenges of grinding and hustling for ourselves and our families. Koi Baat Nahi is a phrase we tell ourselves and the people around us when the going gets tough. It’s our mantra that keeps us moving forward towards our goals and aspirations. And Swvl is right there to fuel that drive within every Pakistani. The message in the ad is a relevant one and one that resonates with the young strivers. From students to office goers – we’re all fighting and working for a better future for ourselves and Swvl masterfully addresses that struggle and ambition by positioning itself as the bus-hailing service that takes you to your destination, or in this context to your goals.

You can watch the ad here:



We believe that Swvl has successfully tapped into the issues and struggles that the common public transport commuter faces in big cities. The constant worry, the discomfort, the lack of safety among other issues are being addressed through the phrase “Koi Baat Nahi”. Ali Gul Pir, Aiman Muneer, Wasim Badami are just some of the celebrities that have had their say about Swvl and the undeniable value that the service provides for the common student or office worker. All this talk and buzz resulted in the hashtag #KoiBaatNahi trending on Twitter! This just goes to show how deeply the campaign has resonated with people from all walks of life on social media and beyond.

Swvl, through the Koi Baat Nahi campaign, hopes to bring attention and awareness to their ride-hailing services. Services that make it the easiest, safest and most affordable option for commuters in cities and those that travel between cities too. The app is offering travel for as low as Rs. 30! Swvl also offers advance booking of rides along with multiple pick up and drop locations, making it near impossible to not get a ride no matter where you are. So whether you need to get to work on time every day without worrying or want to travel to get to family or a loved one, the app promises to be there for you.

The ad has really struck a chord among millennials and the younger generation on social media and beyond resulting in a huge uplift in conversations and mentions online over various social media platforms. More importantly, the campaign has shed light on the struggles and ambitions of the younger generation. Have you seen the ad yet? Do you think it speaks to you, your goals and ambitions as an office professional or student living in the big city?

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