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Mothers have instincts and those instincts go beyond the maternal for their child into the love for nesting; in simpler terms, every mother is also instinctively a homemaker. And so, when Khaadi generously offered to honour and pamper the mother in me with a Mothers Day gift card, I head straight to Khaadi Home. The timing was perfect, since I have just moved into a beautiful new house and there was a need to make it a home as quickly as possible.

Can I just say that Khaadi Home has always been my happy place? Living in Karachi I loved the first store in Dolmen Mall, where the view from Laal’s Café was just perfect and then of course, the mega store opened with more exciting options. There’s something organic and yet sophisticated, ethnic and yet international about Khaadi Home. I’m not a very rustic person and prefer the urban to the wild and this store always manages to strike the right balance. It has colour and vibrancy and love for craft without making it look like an NGO project.

Over the years I have bought and enjoyed Khaadi Home patchwork bed throws, sheets and bed covers (my favourite). I’ve bought vases, table mats, runners and paper napkins. I also keep going back to buy the variety of colourful clay bowls. And this is exactly what I went straight for with my gift card. There was a sale on bedspreads so I got the navy blue design I had been eyeing for quite some time at a discount. I prefer my bed sheets to be a light and breathable colour and I found a gentle print that perfectly matched my bed spread. And then I picked up a few bowls, which were already on a 50% sale. What I really, really wanted was the blue ornamental table but it wasn’t for sale. I did put in a request, however.

I came away delighted with my purchases and appreciative of Khaadi’s thoughtful gesture. And I do predict that I’ll be back soon!