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The Pakistan Mission at the United Nations marked the International Day of Victims of Genocide on Tuesday by bringing to attention India’s barbarities in occupied Kashmir. A call to the world community was initiated to take steps to stop New Delhi’s state terrorism and war crimes in the disputed territory.

“We urge the international community to stop impending genocide and ethnic cleansing in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) which is aimed at converting the Muslim majority in IIOJK into a minority,” stated the mission on Twitter.

Pakistani celebrities also took this as an opportunity to raise their voice against the atrocities committed against Muslims in IIOJK and demand justice.

“It is time to remember the frightful number of people who died in the Kashmir Genocide. It is time to recall the respect for human rights,” wrote Fahad Mustafa.



Bilal Ashraf also shared his thoughts on the matter. “Genocide, whether committed in time of peace or war; is a crime under International law,” he wrote.



“Shameful acts of hate speeches, forced conversions, lynchings. Where is your conscience?” questioned Adnan Siddiqui.



“Enough of holding innocents to ransom. Let them breathe peacefully in a free state. Their lives matter,” he also added.



Hadiqa Kiani too, demanded justice.



“Humanity can never prevail when people are discriminated against. Hate, violence and suppression can never be the solution,” tweeted Ali Rehman Khan.

“Many doctors during the COVID-19 crisis in the region have been beaten and harassed by Indian forces while performing their duties,” the actor further informed his followers.



The situation in occupied Kashmir requires urgent international attention, but the world is silent and deaf.

International Day of Victims of Genocide is annually observed on December 9. It is a universal event instituted by the United Nations to remember victims of genocide and highlight humanity’s responsibility to prevent future genocides.