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With Pakistani music getting the boost it needed with Pepsi Battle of the Bands and all the great bands it has introduced this year, it all came to an enthralling end last night with Kashmir emerging victorious. From the judges to the audience, everyone was in the zone to support budding bands in their passage towards stardom; and what a solid effort it has been!

Even though all bands showed tremendous potential throughout the season, Kashmir and Badnaam kept finessing their work and thus, reached the well-deserved finale.

Kashmir or Badnaam: Who will win Pepsi Battle of the Bands?

From the start, Kashmir managed to become fan favourites with their hard-hitting covers, which always had their own unique flair to it. However, what was even bigger than their fandom was the love they received from the judges. Starting their journey on the Pepsi Battle of the Bands platform with their cover of EP’s ‘Hamesha‘, the band was a force to be reckoned with!

On the other hand, Badnaam didn’t leave the competition without their own magic either. From day one, the band has emerged to be a sound that was missing in the industry. Fresh, powerful and rocking, we wouldn’t be surprised if Badnaam turns out to be a huge success in the near future.

Coming to the finale, both bands performed original songs with Kashmir doing a strong ballad titled ‘Parwana Hun’ and Badnaam going up the grunge way with ‘Deh Khudaya’. While both ended up going out of their comfort zones and showing versatility, we couldn’t get enough of the Badnaam trio with their power-packed performance of ‘Deh Khudaya’ which has the ethos of Sufi saints with a touch of rock!

However, what got us even more excited for the finale – and what we kind-of believe stole Kashmir’s thunder just a tab bit, had to be EP’s larger-than-life performance of ‘Hamesha’. In their true aesthetic, Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt kept us glued to our seats with the act they put up. Although EP weren’t the only ones performing, we couldn’t help but reminisce in their glory the most.

That being said, Meesha Shafi’s ‘Speaker Phaar’, along with performances by Shahi Hassan, Atif Aslam, Aaroh, Josh, and Ali Azmat kept us entertained throughout the episode and made us realise how lucky we are to have such a powerhouse of talent in our music!

With all culminating to the crowning of Kashmir as the victors, the band received Rs. 5 million, a music album contract, concerts across Pakistan, and lifetime royalties on their music as the prize for this season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

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