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Kashmir Cooking Oil has stepped away from the industry’s norm of consumption and cooking shots, and found its niche by establishing an emotional connection with its viewers through its new campaign. The brand has encapsulated its brand values through a beautifully narrated story of nostalgia, sense of belonging and traditions.

Kashmir has been around since 1962, and as a brand it has been a witness to our society’s traditional values. Breaking the stereotypical storyline revolving around a husband and wife, shot around the dinner table, the TVC touches on the very real concept of “Bara Ghar” [big home aka the ancestral home] and the nostalgia of traditions that is associated with it. Manzar Sehbai has beautifully rekindled feelings of love and togetherness by narrating a storyline that further adds to the emotional appeal of the campaign.

By using the metaphor of the Bara Ghar in the TVC, the brand depicts how our cultural and traditional values originate in our family home and are passed on from one generation to the next. As families move out of their ancestral homes, the traditions don’t wither away; rather these traditions are then replicated in the new home. So, even after moving out of the Bara Ghar of your grandparents, you keep these values alive and carry them forward, passing it to future generations. With a new beginning, starts a new transfer of these family values.


Kashmir Cooking Oil


Talking about traditions that are to be cherished in our culture, there are some wholesome customs that may soon disappear if we don’t teach them to our children; this include welcoming every guest with open arms, remembering your neighbours in happiness and sorrows alike, always serving the elders first on a table and . There is a need to remind the new generation to preserve these values and Kashmir’s campaign serves as a gentle reminder for this. It presents the values prevalent in our culture and how it’s up to us now to ensure that these values find a way to be part of our upcoming generation’s everyday life.



Director Marketing, Mian Shahzad Khalid, talks about the concept of the TVC by saying, “The main idea of the campaign was taking those traditions and values forward that are associated with your ancestral home. We want to build a connection of these important values with the newer generation, along with the heritage of the brand. Human emotions dominate the TVC through which we have tried to give our viewers a taste of their own home.”

Kashmir is a brand that not only provides the perfect means to its consumers to express themselves through food but with its rich history, Kashmir is talking about its own heritage by highlighting the best of our traditional values; one that get passed through generations. These wholesome traditions include being generous to those to come to us for help even if it’s a stray cat, sharing food with our neighbors, coming together as family for different meals and much more.

All of this heritage, paired with immaculately timed music and an emotionally striking script, makes this TVC by Kashmir Cooking Oil a real winner.

You can watch the emotional TVC here: