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If you are following all the madness that has been part of promotions for Simran ­­– which ranged from hard-hitting interviews and a lot of mention of Hrithik Roshan instead of the film – you might also be aware of the blasé attitude Kangana Ranaut has kept throughout all of it.  However, if you thought that was enough, you clearly haven’t checked out her latest collaboration with the infamous AIB troupe!

Kangana’s latest video with All India Bakchod titled ‘The Bollywood Diva Song’, became an internet sensation within hours of its online debut. The song, with its catchy lyrics that focus on why being gutsy, is directly connoted with ‘manliness’ is set to the tune of Jaqueline Fernandez’ ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyan Ve’ and serves as an instant burn to all Kangana haters.

Shot in the style of a typical Bollywood Shaadi sequence, the satirical lyrics tackle nepotism, sexism, the objectification of women — all of the things that its star, Kangana, has been talking about in her interviews.

From Karan Johar to Hrithik, the song is a takedown of everything that’s wrong with the Hindi film industry, and that’s probably what AIB does best.

You can check out the slightly PG 18 rated song here: