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TV channels are often criticised for airing run-of-the-mill content surrounding saas-bahu politics, cheating spouses, sobbing women and related family affairs. Critics have addressed this matter several times, however, similar content continues to be produced. Why? See Prime’s recent short film, Kahaani starring Faizan Sheikh very tactfully explains the problem.

Writers want creative liberty, however, they are not usually given that freedom since channels want rating and producing unique content is mostly a risk. Oftentimes, uncommon plots are rejected and writers are asked to compose tried-and-tested formulaic stories.

Unlike writers such as Bee Gul who refuse to compromise on their narratives, many give in to the system and its interests.



Kahaani highlights the struggles of a writer trying to make ends meet. He has bills to pay and for that, he needs a story to sell.

Faris, played by Faizan Sheikh, wants to produce original content, inspired by his life, displaying his perspective, however, he continues to face rejection. While he aspires to write stories more relatable to him and closer to reality, the channel head, played by Yasir Aqueel, keeps on limiting his creativity due to budget constraints and the eagerness to sensationalize every subject for ratings.

The point is further explained when he sees his wife (Maryam Noor) enjoying a typical saas-bahu drama that is also what the channel head was looking for. The struggling writer ultimately gives in to the demand so he can pay his bills. Faris, as a writer, feels helpless in the end.

“If you can’t change people around you, change the people around you,” reads the description of the short film written by Shahid Dogar.

All actors pull off their characters well. Faizan Sheikh especially stands out and emotes the struggles of a writer brilliantly.

It is extremely challenging for writers to take a stand and break the norms considering this is their bread and butter, however, it is also important to change the mindsets by producing intelligent content. Directors and actors are to be held accountable for the scripts they throw their weight behind, and as audiences and critics, it is up to us to demand better standards from our storytellers.

Watch the short film here: