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If you haven’t been living under an internet-less rock, we’re sure you know about Canadia PM, Justin Trudeau visiting India on an official tour and making the most of the countless photo-ops. From festive outfits to meeting the creme de la creme of Bollywood, the Trudeau family has been doing it all.

While it all started off with an official namaste from the airplane steps…



It soon became a spectacle of colours, temple visits, and of course, parties with stars like SRK!


Justin Trudeau

Taj Mahal was on the tour list like any other tourist who goes to India!


Justin Trudeau

Clad in a gold Sherwani, Justin Trudeau posed with the bigwigs of Bollywood –– seen here with Aamir Khan.



Justin Trudeau

No one’s missing out on this photo-op!


Amongst the guests was Farhan Akhtar.


The Trudeau family poses with Anupam Kher


With a few more days left on the week-long trip, the Trudeaus have been going strong with their colour coordination!.