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While recent rumours of Pakistan’s favourite music band, Junoon, reuniting are still not fully confirmed, it has been revealed that our most loved Junoon songs are making their way to Broadway!

Lyricist and composer Neil Berg, who has produced musicals such as The Prince and the Pauper for Broadway, apparently read Salman Ahmad’s autobiography and life story of becoming a Pakistani rock star and forming South Asia’s most successful rock band Junoon, as well as starting Vital Signs. Reportedly Neil Berg has signed a contract with Salman to produce a musical for Broadway, based on his autobiography.

The musical will feature Junoon’s hit songs and will make history as the first western musical to be based on a Pakistani musician’s life. Furthermore, Neil Berg & The Broadway All Stars also invited Salman as a special guest recently, to sing ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon Live onstage in front of a packed NY audience.

As for the highly anticipated reunion; while Salman Ahmad has confirmed the rumours Ali Azmat has apparently denied them, leaving room for a lot of speculation!