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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday held an interactive session with the public via phone calls in which he responded to their concerns. While responding to a question about the recent surge of rape cases and sexual violence in Pakistan, especially against children, the PM blamed the “rising vulgarity and objectionable content”, instead of talking about his government’s plans to curb the heinous crime.

His discussion wasn’t taken lightly by Pakistanis who took to social media platforms to inform the honourable prime minister that the act of violence and power has nothing to do with a woman’s dressing. His words even made it to international publications and now his former wife, Jemima Goldsmith, has criticized him for the insensitive remarks.

Sharing a story from the Daily Mail UK, Jemima quoted a Quranic verse and emphasized that “the onus is on men.”



She further narrated an incident where a woman was harassed despite her abaya and niqab is Saudi Arabia.


Earlier journalists and celebrities also took a stand against his reasoning that “not every human being has the willpower to avoid temptation” and linking “the concept of purdah [veil] with avoiding temptation”.










However, in responding to Jemima’s comments and the outrage by the media, Focal Person to the Prime Minister on Digital Media Dr Arslan Khalid said that PM Khan “never engaged in victim blaming”.

Daily Mail has misinterpreted his comments about purdah which in Islam is for both male and female,” said Dr Khalid. He further wrote “total misrepresentation of what he said. PM didn’t engage in victim blaming. Instead, he referred to how his government has introduced a robust anti rape law & how society must act against trends that harmfully influence young minds & turn them into sexual predators.”