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Pakistani singer turned politician Jawad Ahmad who tested positive for Covid-19 during the first wave back in November 2020, revealed that he has contracted the virus again.

Previously, he urged people to take precautionary measures and stay safe. Jawad had urged the public to not fear the pandemic and act sensibly. However, this time he sounds rather heartbroken and frustrated.

“I contracted COVID again,” he announced adding that he’s not sure if he would survive or not.

“Yes, I’ve enough money for its treatment if it gets worse, but truth is that it is no more fun to just keep living in this world full of poverty, helplessness & deprivation.” He stressed on the need to bring a positive change. “One needs to change it before going to heaven.”



The third wave of the coronavirus continues to intensify its grip on the country.

Fans and followers were quick to send prayers and love his way. We also wish him a speedy recovery!