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Last year, Indian singer Sonu Nigam shared his discomfort caused by loudspeakers in mosques which led to a pretty heated discussion on freedom of speech and freedom to practice religion. And now, veteran Bollywood lyricist Javed Akhtar too has expressed similar sentiments which has, unsurprisingly, turned into a major issue.

“This is to put on record that I totally agree with all those including Sonu Nigam who want that loudspeakers should not be used by the mosques and for that matter by any place of worship in residential areas,” Javed tweeted.

Sonu is obviously happy and has thanked Javed for his support. “Taking a stand with me at this point is perhaps the best time, since I have some issues with my security. Most didn’t take a stand for me for their own reasons,” he told an Indian publication.

Sonu added that he is upset nobody from the film industry supported him when he was facing death threats while they were quick to support Sanjay Leela Bhansali over the Padmaavat issue.

This is not the first time Javed Akhtar has shared his views on Sonu Nigam’s tweet on the Azaan. Earlier, he had told IANS, “As far as I think, no matter if it’s a Masjid, Mandir, Church or Gurudwara, whatever is the place, do your prayers, but it shouldn’t disturb anyone else.”

The celebrated lyricist, poet and screenwriter is not just against loudspeakers though. He is also not too thrilled with the kind of music that’s being produced in Bollywood.

“I am very unhappy with the present music scenario in Bollywood. The music that is being produced is not very sympathetic to lyrics anymore. First of all, they do not get good situations because there is more razzmatazz than emotional depth in the stories. So the situation for songs is not very emotional,” he said.