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By now you’ve all probably heard Pakistan’s official Fifa World Cup 2018 anthem, ‘Colours’ performed by Jason Derulo and Quratulain Balouch and put together by Coke. If you’ve been obsessing over it, like us, then you probably also noticed a clip featuring JD and QB on a Coke Studio set.

Wait, what? Does that mean that Jason Derulo will be appearing on the upcoming season 11 of Coke Studio, with Quratulain Balouch?

We got in touch with the people at Coke for details.

And the answer is no.

A few countries were selected to improvise on the global World Cup anthems, Pakistan being one of them, sources informed. That’s a big deal in itself. QB was flown to LA for the recording whereas the video was shot here in Karachi.

We love the colours and vibe of the song and even if Jason Derulo isn’t coming to Pakistan yet, we do think Coke should make it happen. Meanwhile, you can watch the song here…