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Drama serial Jalan starring Emmad Irfani, Areeba Habib, and Minal Khan as lead characters tells the story of an inappropriate affair between a man and his sister-in-law. The controversial plot has been in the news since its teasers went on air as there were constant complaints against the drama.

A few weeks ago, PEMRA had also put an immediate ban on the drama as the notification stated that “it goes against the “social and moral ethics of Pakistani society”.

However, the drama was allowed to air again as Sindh High Court reversed the ban, only to have it being banned yet again this week.



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When the most recent episode of the drama didn’t air on ARY Digital, many inquired the reason behind it. The writer of Jalan, Sidra Sahar Imran tweeted that it is banned again.

According to reports, the makers have won a stay order against PEMRA’s appeal to ban the drama. The Supreme Court did not entertain PEMRA’s appeal and Sindh High Court once again allowed the airing of the serial.




While the drama has gained immense popularity for its plot and performances, the banning and unbanning is another reason Jalan manages to stay in the spotlight.

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