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The tastes of the audiences have evolved quite a lot since the last few years but still, most of the viewers don’t mind an illogical but entertaining comic caper. Jackpot is one such film that is unabashedly catering to ‘leave-your-brains-behind’ sort of cinema. So does it manage to raise laughs or fails in its endeavour, let’s review.

As the name suggests, the film is about a lottery ticket that lands itself in one character’s coat and creates too many misunderstandings resulting in sheer chaos. The film is watchable because of its fast pace, the gag-a-second screenplay and the performances by Javed Sheikh and Noor Hassan. Oh and not to forget the scenic views.



Javed Sheikh plays the character of a don (Jojo). His dialogues are one of the high points of the movie and — as he is known for playing with words very well — his performance definitely adds great value. The movie is more focused on him although Sana Fakhar and Sanam Chaudhry have tried to make their presence felt. It was also nice to see Afzal Khan Rambo on the big screen after so long. He has an interesting cameo in the film.

The music of the film is good but not great, however the tune used in the song Jojo janta hai (Jojo knows it) will be stuck in one’s mind for some time for sure.



The film’s story is a no-brainer but works for the intended audience. However, there are several unwanted scenes, jokes and twists and frankly speaking, we expected a much better product.