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Leave it to Vasay Chauhdry to enthrall us with his tongue-in-cheek comments on Twitter. However, if the comment is about Fahad Mustafa and Shaan Shahid then we can’t help but take it seriously – even if it may never happen.

It all started when Fahad Mustafa shared a fan post stating that they wish Vasay writes a film along the lines of Bollywood flick ‘Once Upon A Time In’ and cast Shaan in the Lahore version and Fahad in the Karachi one. Asking if this can actually happen, Fahad tagged the JPNA writer.

So, what exactly happened after that? Vasay did what he does best – and that’s giving his cheeky humour a try:



“Or once upon a time Lahore and Karachi and take both of you as leads,” he replied to Fahad Mustafa. So can we expect a film anytime soon?

We’ll take Vasay’s word for it!