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Suno Chanda proved to be a massive Ramazan hit this year – popular between both youngsters and adults. After years of mopey Pakistani dramas , the drama which featured Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz in lead roles, came as a breather that soon became the talk of the town.

It had a feel good, rom-com theme which lived up to its expectations and the ensemble cast couldn’t have been a better choice. Whether it was Iqra as Jiya, Samina Ahmed as B Jaan or Adnan Shah Tipu as the hilarious Jalal Khan from Pekhawar – they all managed to impress the audience.

Something Haute got in touch with the lead actor Iqra Aziz for a quick chat and asked her what’s in store for her next.



Something Haute: How close are you in real life with the character you played in Suno Chanda?

Iqra Aziz: I think Jiya’s traits of being a headstrong woman who’s passionate about her career yet is emotionally attached to her family is something I possess too. Therefore, I can say, I share some striking similarities with her.




SH: Were you expecting such a response from Suno Chanda with it becoming the most popular Ramazan drama?

IA: I feel I had an idea. The whole team had put in immense hard work, but still the response we got from the show is extremely overwhelming. It is in fact, one of the most talked about dramas of the industry right now, and I am honoured to be part of it.


SH: How was your experience working with Farhan Saeed?

IA: Farhan is such an amazing person to work with. I used to listen to his songs, and of course, we all had so much fun. He surprised me with his acting because he was so amazing in his role. It seemed as if only he could do justice to Arsal’s character. We have clicked well and I feel we both share great on-screen chemistry and I look forward to working with him in the future as well.



SH:  What inspired you to play the role of Jiya Nazakat Ali?

IA: Like I mentioned, Jiya is a very strong portrayal of a woman and we need such characters right now. Also, the issue of consent in marriage is touched upon by the drama in really subtle tones of a rom-com genre. It is essential to discuss such issues too. These factors inspired me to play this character; and this is the first time, I truly transformed into a comic role. Definitely, not something, I have been doing so far.



SH: As people loved the role of Jiya and you managed to do it with perfection. Do you plan on continuing with happy roles in future given the popularity you garnered?

IA: I would be glad to play characters that are happy or comical in nature. It is challenging yet it’s fun to play. But, Jiya will always be a unique character that I want people to remember as it is.


SH: We hear of a sequel in the making. Is that true? And what do you have to say about that?

IA: Haha. That is an interesting thought. Let’s see. Till that time, keep wondering!