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Punjab Nahi Jaongi starring Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane was certainly the best film to come out last year. The film went on to win big at all the major award events. And while Urwa’s performance as Durdana won her accolades, the greater achievement was when people all over the internet started calling her out for help!

‘Help me Durdana’ became a catchphrase that has since been trending on social media.

It appears that Durdana’s popularity has become worldwide with now even people from other countries asking her for help. Bollywood rapper, Badshah, is one of them.

The popular rapper who has given hits like Kala Chashma, DJ Waley Babu, and most recently, Tareefan, posted a video of himself on Instagram asking Durdana for help.

Here, check it out:




Although we are not sure what exactly his problem is. But whatever it is, we are sure Durdana can help.