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Ali Zafar is currently riding high on the success of his recent release ‘Teefa in Trouble,’  and naturally, his fans and friends across the border have been keen to know what the actor thinks about Bollywood after such a success in Pakistan – and well, let’s just say he surely knows to say all the right things.

Speaking to a renowned Indian publication, the actor had stuff to share about his across the border counterparts, Pakistan’s new hope – Imran Khan and how he wants the two countries to mend their terms and move together in a creative capacity.

When asked what was it like working with a comic legend like Govinda and Ranveer Singh, the actor was quick to praise his former co-actors.

“You become a Govinda or Ranveer Singh because the qualities which are rare and I have always tried to sort of understand and appreciate what is that makes a great artist and both are very different in their style of working,” Ali Zafar said. “I have always looked up to him [Govindia] and his comedy and I got to learn so much from him.”

The actor also praised Ranveer Singh’s zest for life.

“Ranveer is simple, enthusiastic and energetic and you’ll hardly find someone who is as passionate about his character,” the actor said.

When asked about what he felt on the embargo of Pakistani artists in India, he said, “I would say the same as our new Prime Minister said, we need to sit across the table, and sort out all these matters, perspectives and enter a new era.”

Speaking of his across the border counterparts, Ali shared, “I only have fond memories of my time I have been there. Shaad Ali came to Pakistan for Teefa’s music launch. It was sweet and I just wish more of this to happen and thing to normalise.”

We can’t help but wholeheartedly agree on this cross-cultural discourse!