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Famous YouTuber Shahveer Jafry recently planned a surprise dholki for actor and makeup artist Zoya Nasir and Christian Betzmann. He only had a day to plan the event and yet he managed to deliver, as it is evident in recent Vlog titled ‘My Best Friend’s Dholki’.

“Mere do anmol ratan and my first dholki,” wrote Zoya on her Instagram. “Love you to bits and pieces.”



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Shahveer has uploaded the dholki vlog on his YouTube channel. “Zoya lives in Karachi and she was visiting Lahore and when I visited her she kept crying that she is unable to organize a dholki due to Covid situation so I thought why not plan a surprise dholki for her. However, we just had a day to plan and execute it and Zoya was leaving on the 30th April, while we had a discussion on 28th April,” he shared.

We can also spot Khaqan Shahnawaz in the video, who will also be making his acting debut alongside Shahveer in Mahira Khan’s upcoming production, a web series titled Baarwan Khiladi.

Christian Betzmann is a German vlogger and content creator who got engaged to Zoya Nasir in February. He released a video earlier this year detailing his conversion to Islam.

Here are some pictures from the Vlog:




Zoya Nasir




Watch Shahveer’s Vlog here: