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Another set of talented people are starting a new journey together; director and filmmaker Qasim Ali Mureed, who has given us Prem Gali and is also the director of to-be released Tich Button, recently announced that he is tying the knot with  producer Sadia Jabbar.

Sadia made the news public when she posted a picture with Qasim and captioned it fiancé. Later, Qasim also posted an illustrated wedding invite on his Instagram and made the big announcement. Soon after congratulatory messages started pouring in from the fraternity.



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The couple has also introduced their fans with their hashtag #Qasad which stands for Qasim and Sadia. Here are some pictures and videos from their mayun and mehndi ceremonies, which were attended by a few celebrities, including Urwa Hocane, Farhan Saeed, Emaan Ali, Humaima Malik, Nigah jee, Nadeem Baig amongst others.



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