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Sometimes even the most fashionable outfits fail to look impressive if they aren’t your style. However, Maahru is a fashion brand that claims to be timeless and for ‘YOU’. And since summer and lawn go hand in hand in Pakistan, to cater to the demand, Maahru has launched its first volume of lawn collection which is perfect for all women looking for novelty in tradition.

“I drew my inspiration for the first volume of lawn from Sulfi embroidery, owing to its intricate design pattern,” revealed lead fashion designer, Hiba Zehra, who believes that fashion is for everyone. She added that she further infused them with geometric patterns.

“There is a lot of beauty and colours in our culture. Luckily, women’s clothing is one such space we get to experiment with these colours and designs,” she added explaining why the brand takes inspiration from Pakistan’s rich culture and diversity.

The collection features 23 different designs divided into three categories – three-piece lawn suits with chiffon dupattas, three-piece complete lawn suits, and two-piece lawn suits with shirt and dupatta.



While it’s great to see fresh talent emerge and designers come up with new collections, this past year has been extremely challenging.

Addressing the global pandemic and problems of isolation that came with it, Hiba said that working from home was not easy.

“The biggest and the most general challenge I felt was to timely translate my idea into reality. While working from home has eased schedules for many of us, it has also added to the challenge of bringing a remote team together on one page, that too for a collection strictly bound by time,” she said.

The designer labels herself a fashion artist. “I can very well just be termed a fashion designer, but one with a unique trajectory. Way before I began working with In-house designers and mass clothing brands, I purposely worked in spaces that were not just about designing, but were also challenging with respect to human resources,” she explained.

Working with people from different organizational, educational, and even social backgrounds groomed her ability to interact, understand and communicate with a wide range of people. “It inculcated patience and humility in me, and also made me realize that fashion is for everyone.”

Moving forward, Maahru now aims to be counted among the trendsetting fashion brands of Pakistan.