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When it comes to social media, Imran Abbas is pretty active on the circuit, so it’s impossible to not know about everything he’s up to. Thus, when his recent pictures and public appearances showed a drastic physical transformation, it piqued our interest about why he’s sporting a lean look all of a sudden!

Is this for an upcoming project? We donned our investigative caps on!

“Yes, my current lean body is a part of my prep for an international project in which I am playing a spy from the Mediterranean region,” Imran told Something Haute. “I can’t disclose the details but this is surely going to be something my fans will feel proud of.”

Although the actor kept mum about the project, we asked him about the trick being losing weight – since weight loss is not really the easiest thing to do!

“It needed sheer dedication with tons of sacrifices on a daily basis, especially when you have an immense sweet tooth issue,” he revealed. “I worked out like a machine religiously without a day’s break and of course, followed my meal plans like crazy.”



Knowing how tough it can be, Imran also shared a few tips for his fan’s who struggle with strict diet plans and face lifestyle commitment issues.

“Firstly, shut your mouth! Learn to say no to gossip and no to unhealthy food!” Imran laughed. “Persistence is the key and yes no matter how much you weigh and feel low about yourself you can always reverse your state with the positive state of mind and belief in yourself. It’s not an overnight change and no one has a magic wand to transform you…it all takes time but you should have the right info and will to follow it.”

Wondering if Imran supports crash diets or weight loss pills, we also asked the actor for his views regarding the matter.

“Abrupt and sudden change is never recommended since your body and even skin goes in a state of shock and reacts to it. Even your moods become erratic and you end up feeling cranky. I believe in changing and switching to a healthy lifestyle which gives you long-lasting results,” the actor explained.

Let’s hope his fans take his advice and pick a healthier lifestyle instead of going for risky short-term satisfaction! And as for Imran Abbas, keep checking this space to find out more about his upcoming project!