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Mehreen Raheel is one of the most recognizable faces of our film and drama industry and it is no secret that she is unstoppable in her career that has spanned over more than a decade now. Her drama Mujhay Jeenay doh is playing on Urdu 1 and gaining quite the acclaim from critics and it’s audience. It also seems that Mehreen Raheel is looking better than ever.




Mehreen Raheel has always been considerate of her health and fitness even throughout her pregnancy, with a rigorous workout regime and a thought out diet plan, she has finally shed those extra pounds – 50 lbs to be exact. Not many actors openly admit to gaining weight, however Mehreen is one of the few actresses who not just accepts, but also talks about her weight issues openly.

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“I have always been super fussy when it comes to work out plans and eating but losing 50 pounds was a mission and a half,” Mehreen said. “I had to start somewhere. I couldn’t crash diet as my energy level would hit rock bottom and my body would start producing toxins so slow and steady.”



Mehreen, who feels that having a goal and slowly moving towards it is the best mantra, believes that discipline is the key.

“I’m no one special, it takes discipline and dedication,” Mehreen confessed about the obstacles she faced. “Having two toddlers that constantly wake up in the middle of the night. And a hectic schedule, that didn’t make things easy but I had a goal and promised myself to not give up.”

So how did this mother of 2 do it?

“I have always been involved in health and fitness even when I was pregnant with my two children, I exercised regularly,” she said.  “My body had started producing cortisone as the baby blues sunk in. I needed a different routine which was looked in by a professional, so I decided to join The Circuit box here in Lahore which does high-intensity interval training challenge that burns your fat and tones you up. I feel it’s important to be healthy, how your body looks is how you want it to look.”



Her effort has definitely paid off because she is looking better than ever and it just goes to show that determination is key!