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Just recently, it was revealed why powerhouse Saba Qamar was no longer part of upcoming TV serial Badshah Begum. The latest buzz is that Mah-e-Mir actor Iman Ali is currently in the talks for the project.

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Rafay Rashidi, a producer at Momal Entertainment, confirmed that Iman Ali has been approached for the role. He said, “We are currently talking to Iman Ali since Saba is no longer part of this project but none of this is official.”

“We haven’t signed any contract but we have to move on and consider a replacement. The idea is to go for a top actor but it is still in the preliminary stage as nothing is in writing,” he said. “The production is grand and requires patience; that’s why we’re taking our time with it,” he concluded.

Seems like we’ll just have to wait and watch for a confirmation. Also, it’ll be great to see the talented Iman Ali make her much needed comeback. What do you guys think?

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