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Zahid Ahmed is a multifaceted star and that has been proven time and again with his critically acclaimed performances. However, the star admits that he is one of the lucky ones who gets to work on good scripts. He will soon reach a point of saturation because there is not much experimental work on television. The actor spoke at length how he has started focusing more on films but even pandemic has halted that avenue for now. So what’s next for the actor?

During an interview with Something Haute, the talented actor shared that he is ready to create digital content and be a part of the OTT world.

“This will be an ongoing battle for artists throughout the world that they reach a point of saturation. As long as you’re working for somebody else and there are restrictions on it. I think part of an actor’s journey, which is so difficult in itself, is this ongoing train of thought that how do I evolve? I am already thinking along those lines. Thanks to Almighty I have a really good film — Ghabrana Nahi Hai — so that’s one ray of light. Along with that I’m very interested in the digital space. You’ll see me producing for Pakistani digital space very soon Insha Allah,” Zahid shared.

“I have shot something, Alhamdulillah, not for an international OTT platform but for Pakistan. It’s a pilot for a series that I want to make but I need a lot of money to make the series. So, I have shot the pilot which is a 45-minute episode, it’s a complete story and I star in it. Each episode will feature a new actor who will lead that episode,” the actor said.

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“I don’t want to shoot my mouth off but Black Mirror on Netflix is my inspiration for this show. It is an anthology series, every episode is a new story, 8 episodes are in the first season. It is completely new age content, nothing to do with relationships or love, not that I’m against it,” he laughingly added.

“It will be quite gripping content, sort of about suspense, thriller and mystery. I am looking for a local partner or brand to own the whole thing and release it the best way that Pakistanis can see stuff which is YouTube,” Zahid said.

When asked why he is not willing to pitch it to an OTT platform which is more financially viable, Zahid shared his thoughts:

“It will be more financially sound for me to sell it to an OTT platform but this is not about me making money from the first thing I made. This is me coming out as a storyteller, a film maker and transitioning from an actor. So, my content should be Pakistani, made for Pakistan and available for Pakistani viewers to watch; otherwise it is not fulfilling its purpose.”

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