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With everyone gradually settling down and getting accustomed to their Ramzan routines, the iftar invites have started pouring in and the need for a handful of semi formal iftar outfits is dire!

As for every other item we need to buy, we headed to Dolmen Mall Clifton to assess what our favourite brands have in store for us. Not only is it the most convenient venue with all the top brands under one roof, it also makes it easier for us to roam from shop to shop and decide what we want to buy in the end, according to our budget and requirement.

We found all of our favourite brands stocked up for the season, with a range of casual to formal outfits that are going to sell out in no time! There are numerous options depending on whether you’re looking for something fancy or simple, and we picked out a few of both to make your shopping trip a little easier.




We love how Daaman’s colour coordinated racks give the store a great aesthetic feel. As always, they had quite a few options to choose from, but we picked this dark loose silhouette because we loved the embellishment on the shoulders. It gives a great formal touch without being overtly embellished, and is a great find at just Rs.6250




Koel is always a great option if you’re looking for a classy pastel piece. To beat the heat we picked up this white and gold number, which we know is never going to go out of style!




While Sapphire is usually loved for its prints and patterns; their semi-formal line is pretty trendy and affordable too. This embroidered wrap-around tunic is fuss-free and can be worn up or down according to the fanciness level of your iftar. They had many similar designs in stock, and this one cost Rs.8990



It’s always quite impossible to leave Dolmen’s huge Khaadi store empty-handed, the colours and affordability of their designs are always calling out to us! Khaadi’s new arrivals include a number of minimally embroidered pieces, ranging in different silhouettes. We loved the white one for its silhouette and the black one for its embroidery. Those gharara pants are a must-have too!

Sana Safinaz


One of our favourite statement pieces in store, the bright ethnic embroidery and silhouette of this outfit was instantly eye-catching! While the sleeves and upper half are fully embroidered, this tunic can easily be worn as a trendy piece for an iftar and it will work just as well over a pair of jeans when you’re not in Ramzan mode. This top rounded off to Rs.6000.

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