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Ideas is such a versatile brand that it has something for everyone. College going students, working men and women, married housewives – Ideas has become a haven of fashion for us all. The brand further diversified their range of products by introducing a line of quirky, fashionable pouches last year but the pouches are really picking up steam now. Naturally, these fashionable pouches are just as versatile as the rest of their brand and so we decided to pick one up for each member of our team.

Not only are they beautiful, they can be used in many different ways. Sized at 6 by 9 inches, these pouches can definitely be used as makeup bags. Most of us carry a small vanity of makeup products everywhere with us; a different pouch for lip colours and a different for makeup brushes, eye and lip pencils and so on and so forth. When traveling this could be your ideal storage for overnight essentials. Also, one of our college-going team members, who is also an art student, opted to use them as a practical and quirky pencil box.

The most admirable thing about these pouches is how beautifully they’ve been designed. Since summer is here, they come in bright bold colours, such as hot pink and tangerine and the bags have been digitally printed using a combination of floral motifs and geometric shapes so whether your style is more traditional and ethnic, or if you like your fashion accessories to be more contemporary and minimal, there is something for everyone. We personally love the tribal prints and picked up three. Currently, there are 12 different designs for adults and 3 to 4 designs especially for kids.



Saving the best part for the end, let us also tell you that the pouches are extremely affordable! This means that we could happily indulge and buy almost every other design; they’d make a great gift too! (We may even give some away in our Monday contest!)

If you’re looking to invest in statement accessories for the summer, then these Ideas pouches are definitely a highly recommended buy! It really is a cool idea!


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