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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, a quiet evening at MEWS, Karachi, revealed that we could have our cake and eat it too. Don’t get what we mean? We had the same thought when we received an ambiguous invite for ‘tea and cake.’ However, much like the layers of a perfectly baked gateau, the story unraveled quite wholesomely.

Starring Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Malik and Sanam Saeed, the obscurely titled mystery solved itself when it was revealed that ‘Cake’ is an upcoming feature by debuting director Asim Abbasi and has already completed its first spell in Karachi, with a spell in interior Sindh, and London left for the upcoming months.

Aamina Sheikh

The film, much like its unrevealed plot, has managed to garner much attention with just its cast. However, if one believes that this is yet another love triangle ready to happen between the Dil Banjaara duo and Aamina Sheikh, they’d be mistaken, according to Sanam Saeed, who felt that the same dynamics seen in the drama will not be seen here at all.

“Although, it’s too early for the story to be revealed, it’s like the layers of life and has a very current feel to it,” revealed Aamina Sheikh. “It’s about coming of age and I feel people of all ages can relate to it,” she added.

While the concept of ‘coming of age’ has been seen in a few previous films we’ve seen, one has to take the actress’ word for it; Sanam feels that the film tackles global dilemmas head-on.


Talking about his role and debut in a feature, Adnan Malik feels that his character is a completely different avatar than what one has seen in the past.

“It’s a fun story and my character is quite different than what you think it would be. I wanted to work with like-minded people and loved this script from the start. I actually shed tears just reading it,” Malik revealed.

Albeit the aura around the film remains obscure despite a meet & greet with journalists, some parts of what the cast had to say makes us believe it revolves around some drama and thrills. However, according to the actor, it is a mixed bag of emotions.

“It’s funny, it’s got a contemporary feel. It has everything!” the actor added.

Sanam Saeed remained true to her character when she said that even with Cake, she is not looking for a mainstream box-office ‘superhit’ type of a film. Feeling somewhat irked at the question being thrown at her repeatedly, the actress said, “I have no interest in those kinds of films [commercial hits] and I don’t work in films for the box office; I work on it for my happiness. There are no thumkas in this film. I believe there are two types of actors; one who wants to become a superstar and those who love the craft, and I feel lucky to be a part of this film.”

While the director and cast hopes for an end of the year release after its spells are completed, its post-production will take place in London, where Abbasi hails from.

Are we excited while we wait for a slice of this Cake? The answer is definitely!