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Zahid Ahmed has recently won an Lux Style Award for the Best Actor – Male category and we saw photos of him with the trophy but there is always so much hard work behind a win. Something Haute got in touch with the actor find out his thoughts and reactions on the big win as well as much more.

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Congratulations on the big win! There was tough competition in the category; so, how does it feel?

“It was a surprising win but I’m extremely grateful. I was expecting Humayun Saeed and Imran Ashraf to win in either of the two categories; Jury or Popular Choice. Ishq Zahe Naseeb was a gutsy project on the producer’s part because you know you will spend a lot of money in a project which is not a typical ratings-gaining drama; you don’t get such courageous decisions taken. It’s a wonderful feeling when it is being recognized!”


How do you manage to have such great on-screen chemistry with all your co-stars?

“I consciously make an effort to show this ‘love and attraction’ towards my partner in the story and usually our stories demand that from a protagonist. You can use your expressions or your body language to do that. But it becomes more noticeable when it is being reciprocated. I have been blessed to work with Saba Qamar, Sonya Hussyn, and Yumna Zaidi multiple times and all of them are brilliant performers. As they say ‘you give and inch and you get a mile’,” he shared.

“We’ve been given directives from various channels where we have been given guidelines about how to avoid display of affection on screen. And that’s so strange because according to the same directive, we can grab our wives by hair and give them a beating! Usually it is half a embrace or half a hug but unfortunately, we are allowed to slap women on TV but can’t show intimacy,” he said.

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