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Hira Mani’s star is well on the rise in the television world, with most of her plays snagging high ratings and going on to become hits; we’re talking Do Bol, Aangan, Dil Mom Ka Diya, Yakeen Ka Safar and now Meray Paas Tum Ho. Entering MPTH at a time when it is at its peak, Hira has made quite the impact in just three episodes, however in an interview with Something Haute, the star revealed that she won’t make it to the end.

Sitting down with Something Haute for an exclusive chat, Hira tackled a number of questions about her character, Hania, and its significance, subsequently dropping the bomb that she may not be in the serial for long. Talking about her connection with little Rumi in the serial, she let slip a little tid bit, saying, “The connection with Rumi is of course very lovely,  and I’m really liking it, it’s okay that I’m there for a short time…” before catching herself and realizing that she shouldn’t have said that.



Well, we caught on, Hira! We probed a bit, pressing on the fact that she has mentioned her role being a sort of a cameo in a previous interview as well. Not to forget, Humayun Saeed had revealed that there will be a murder happening in the show, and Hira confirmed that. “Yes, there are actually two murders in the serial,” she said. Now we’re really stumped. Who are these two characters that won’t be making it to the end? We asked her just that.

Will Hania be making it to the end? “No… but, just watch the drama!” she insisted. There you have it!

She also talked about a lot of other things through out the length of the interview — including a statement that she’s the “queen of her dramas” — which you can watch here: