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News of the Day: There’s been so much ‘has-she, hasn’t-she’ speculation about Mahira Khan signing up for Bilal Lashari’s Maula Jutt reboot that it led way to numerous rumours that she had “pulled out of the project, putting the producers in a fix.” Here’s what the report actually said:



So I obviously called Mahira to get a reality check. Last time I spoke to her she was contemplating the project and hadn’t signed the dotted line yet. It was time to come out with the current status on that.

“I am doing Maula Jutt,” Mahira, back in Karachi, told me over the phone. She had read the reports too and was in a state of humoured disbelief. “I am totally onboard. It’s also totally out of my comfort zone so it’s a good challenge.”

Mahira further informed me that she was actually taking Punjabi classes to get her elocution right.

“Yes, it’s hilarious!” she exclaimed. “I am taking Punjabi classes and hope I don’t sound like a little burger bacha in the film.”

What about her size? Fawad has obviously bulked up for the role and apparently Humaima has also been gaining weight to fit the character. Will Mahira be adding some Punjabi weight to her petite frame?

“Billy (Bilal Lashari) said he wanted more weight but anyone who knows me knows that I can’t possibly eat more than I already do.”

“I’m stressed out about the language and the body language,” she added. Maula Jutt is an obvious challenge to anyone who’s in it.

What about Hamza Ali Abbasi? She has worked with Fawad and Humaima before but not with him.

“Hamza is fabulous. He’s got his character well in his control!” she said.

We ended this chat with Mukhoo who then said a line in her newly learnt Punjabi: “Mein aap hi bari khar damagh aan!”

I can’t wait to see this on screen!